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Financial Architect System™ Overview

Financial Architect Systemâ„¢ Overview

"The Secrets of Wall Street - Raising Capital for Start-Up & Early Stage Companies"

The E-book is in Adobe Acrobat format and serves as the most comprehensive guide available into the world of raising capital. (See Testimonials).

To determine if the Financial Architect System™ is right for your company's capitalization needs, please read this E-book.

As former Wall Street financiers turned entrepreneurs, we know what you’re going through or about to go through. We have felt the pain of attempting to capitalize start-up and early stage companies. We know how to succeed, but more importantly, we know about failure and how to avoid it.

When it comes to raising capital the JOBS Act of 2012 has changed everything...

It's not "Crowd Funding" that will be the greatest benefit to most entrepreneurs, but the expansion of Regulation D 506. All privately held companies now have the ability to legally advertise securities to raise an unlimited amount of capital from accredited investors.  If you use "high yield" hybrid securities to compete with low yielding bank CDs, your phone will ring of the hook with investors calling you!

If you are determined to raise capital for your start-up or early stage company, this resource was made for you, and will open your eyes to the process that will get your company funded. It is the only resource available online that shows Entrepreneurs the whole process so they can successfully get the capital they need without wasting time or money where others fail. Get right to the source, and turn your dream into reality.

The Chapters of the E-Book are as follows:

  • Foreward
  • Chapter 1: Introduction - Raising Capital in the United States of America
  • Chapter 2: Capitalizing on the Winds of Change
  • Chapter 3: Change your Mindset
  • Chapter 4: Rules of the Game
  • Chapter 5: The Top 15 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Raise Capital
  • Chapter 6: The Four Professional Functions of a Securities Offering
  • Chapter 7: Organizational Structures
  • Chapter 8: Deal Structuring
    • Deal Structures for Funds
  • Chapter 9: Investment Risk vs. Return
  • Chapter 10: The Two Most Popular Deal Structures
  • Chapter 11: The R&D of Debt Capital
  • Chapter 12: The R&D of Equity Capital
  • Chapter 13: Making Structural Changes
  • Chapter 14: Changing the Mode of Operation
  • Chapter 15: Instructions to Producing Pro Forma Financial Projections
  • Chapter 16: Company Valuation and Securities Pricing
  • Chapter 17: Securities Offering Document Production
  • Chapter 18: Soliciting & Selling Securities to Raise Capital
  • Chapter 19: Compliance with Federal and State Securities Laws*

* Complete Compliance Information is available inside the Commonwealth Capital Club for Members Only. Purchasers of Financial Architect System™ automatically become members of the Club and have access to accredited investors and institutions around the world who are interested in funding start-up and early-stage companies.

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