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Financial Architect System™ Overview

Financial Architect Systemâ„¢ Overview

REIT Producer™


Includes everything you'll need to create a REIT Management Company, a Growth REIT or an Income REIT and start Raising Capital Today:

1.     The E-book "The Secrets of Wall Street - Raising Capital for Start-Up & Early Stage Companies" - Expert Edition;
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2.     The Seed Capital Producer™, enables you to quickly produce the required legal documents, in an afternoon, so you can start Raising Capital Today!

3.     CapPro™ for Funds.  A Capitalization Planner and Pro Forma Producer. Producers GAAP Compliant Pro Forma Financial Projections for both the Management Company and the Fund – SIMULTANIOUSLY. This awesome tool enables you to produce a very attractive deal structure for your capital sources to review.

4.     Securities Offering Document Software Templates. (Regulation D 506 JOBS Act 2012 Ready) These simple to use MS Word™ templates enable you to quickly produce your securities offering document FOR BOTH the Management Company and the Fund by copying and pasting sections of your business plan into one of the selected templates. Using this version, it should take only 5 to 10 hours to produce your company's securities offering document if you have a business plan and 15 to 20 hours if you do not have a business plan. (Please remember, these documents would normally cost at least $70,000 to $150,000 to produce and take 30 to 60 days if outsourced.);

5.     Access to the Commonwealth Capital Club. A private password protected area that contains:

o    Accredited Capital Sources, which allows you to expose your securities offering(s) to the maximum amount of investors possible. We've amassed links to hundreds of portals containing tens of thousands of Accredited "Angel" and Institutional Investors located around the world. These portals have been filtered to include investors that have specifically stated that they are looking to fund start-up and early stage companies. This valuable resource enables you to quickly, easily and inexpensively offer securities for your start-up or early stage company directly to as many "qualified" investors as possible. This inherently increases your probability of success to the highest degree possible. We've done the grunt work for you;

o    Financial Architect System™ Tutorials;

o    Tips on how to successfully compete against financial institutions for individual investor capital;

o    Regulatory information to ensure compliance with federal and state(s) securities laws and regulations.

The Software Templates include the most attractive Deal Structure for a Management Company and a Fund, which could easily be modified to build as many Funds as one desires:

1.     Seed Capital Producer™. A great hybrid security to raise seed capital from friends and family by using Debt and Equity in combination with one another;

2.     Convertible Participating Preferred Shares. A great hybrid security to raise substantial amounts of development capital with the Reg. D 504 for a private offering or 506 for a limited public offering to accredited investors only. The Mgmt. Co. issues preferred equity security that has a stated dividend and participates in a percentage of Net Income with conversion features and a Call date, thereby making it temporary equity and maintaining the vast majority of common voting equity in the Founders’ hands. The Fund issues pure common equity with no dilution for investors, thereby attracting investors.   You can choose to conduct one or both offerings under Reg. D 504 for a private offering or 506 for a limited public offering to accredited investors only. Comprehensive instructions help you decide the course of action you should take.

Each Deal Structure Template includes everything you need to create Securities Offering Document that complies with federal and state(s) securities laws:

  • The Text Body of the relevant Private Placement Memorandum according to the deal structure you have chosen. (Simply copy and paste your business plan in the appropriate areas as instructed).
  • The Subscription Agreements with the Investor Suitability Questionnaire built in, Note Indentures (if applicable), Security Agreements (if applicable), Preferred Stock Indentures (if applicable), Operating Agreements for LLCs and Opinion of Legal Counsel (Draft Template).

The two most frequently received comments from our customers are:

"Wow, where have you guys been? -- I could have used this years ago," and

"You put a lot of work into this -- this is great, thank you so much."

We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal, accounting, and investment banking work product, just to license it to you - to enable you to have a shot at your dream. We've taken one of the most complex, arduous and expensive processes and reduced it into a simple, easy and inexpensive system.

We've borne 90% of the cost and have done 90% of the work, now it's up to you to close the gap and finish the process of capitalizing your company.


Entrepreneurs who go through this process have a greater advantage in raising capital simply because of the intimacy of creating the documents themselves. This is because they have a greater understanding of the securities they're selling. Investors rarely will catch you off balance because you will know the details of your deal structure...cold.



Which Financial Architect® program should I purchase if I or my company is involved in the Real Estate world?

How the Entity Will Operate

Appropriate FAS Module

Purchasing and/or developing the sale or holding of real estate (with the related titles) to produce revenue.

REIT Producer™

Purchasing and/or developing for the sale or holding of other instruments other than real estate titles (e.g., tax liens, air rights, etc.) which are only tangentially related to real estate) to produce revenue.

Private Placement Producer™


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