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Financial Architect System™ Overview

Financial Architect Systemâ„¢ Overview


Seed Capital Producer (tm)

Start Raising Seed Capital ($100,000 to $1,000,000)
For Your
Operating Company Today!

You do not need to relinquish substantial amounts of equity ownership or voting control in your Operating Company (defined as any company other than a Fund or Fund Mgmt. Co.) simply follow the instructions in the Seed Capital Producer™ to create Seed Capital Convertible Bridge Notes™ and sell them to your (and your management team’s) personal and professional investor contacts. Seed Capital Producer™ enables you to quickly and efficiently raise capital, with minimal legal counsel review. Seed Capital Producer™ includes the following:

1.     The E-book The Secrets of Wall Street: Raising Capital for Start-Up & Early Stage Companies -- Expert Edition;
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2.     CapProLite™ for required Pricing, "Sources & Uses," and Current Financial Statements;

3.     Document Production Templates for Convertible Bridge Notes Private Placement Memorandum—under Regulation D Rule 504, Security Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Note Indentures, and Legal Opinion Letters for Corporations & Limited Liability Companies:

4.     Access to the Commonwealth Capital Club. A private, password-protected area that contains:

o    Accredited Capital Sources, which allows you to expose your securities offering(s) to the maximum amount of investors possible. Once inside, you can access online, up-to-date portals containing tens of thousands of accredited "angel" and institutional investor. These portals have been filtered to include investors who have specifically stated that they are looking to fund start-up and early-stage companies. This valuable resource enables you to quickly, easily, and inexpensively offer securities for your start-up or early-stage Company directly to as many qualified investors as possible. This inherently increases your probability of success to the highest degree possible

o    Financial Architect System™ Tutorials;

o    Tips on how to successfully compete against financial institutions for individual investor capital; and

o    Regulatory information to ensure compliance with federal and state(s) securities laws and regulations.

Seed Capital Convertible Bridge Notes. The most appropriate and attractive hybrid security to raise Seed Capital from your current friends and family, by using debt and equity in combination with one another.

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