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Who We Are

Capitalizing Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies since 1998

Commonwealth Capital, LLC is the sole creator, owner, and operator of the EPEC Platform™, comprising the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™, Financial Architect System™, Financial Architect Courses™, as well as the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I™.

As our primary focus, we apply proven corporate engineering practices designed to create value, enabling your company to easily attract investment capital, as well as human capital, i.e., management talent.  We provide realistic options for company valuation and proper exit strategies to create maximum wealth for you, your management team, and your shareholders, including our VC Fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™, and Co-Investors.

We have access to many sources of capital for varying stages of a company’s existence. More importantly, we, too, are looking to invest in start-up and early-stage companies through our venture-capital fund—Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™.

Unlike most venture capital firms, we fund Start-Ups and Early to Later-Stage Companies. We understand the inherent risks of investing in start-ups and have built-in protocols to mitigate risks for our VC Fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™, and Co-Investors.


Unlike most venture-capital firms, we don’t leave companies seeking capital frustrated with an endless due diligence process. We have taken the mystery out of the registration and the initial due diligence process with a simple form on our Access Capital page.

Unlike other venture capital funds or investment banks, we use diagnostic ratings to gauge the “invest-ability” of each company and its securities. Instead of emailing an outright rejection letter to companies who do not “make the grade,” we inform them where their strengths and weaknesses are and encourage them to learn the proper way to re-engineer their company to mitigate investor risk through our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ so that, we and our Co-investors have an opportunity to invest, once they’ve completed their securities-offering documents. 


Unlike most venture capital firms that may fund start-up, early or later-stage companies, we do not demand voting control or seats on their Board of Directors. We earn a small percentage of the common stock, warrants to purchase additional common stock, and the convertible preferred equity to be issued through our process, but only from those companies who choose to be included in our Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™.


Unlike other venture capital funds or investment banks, we do not utilize outside investor capital which places our fiduciary duty solely with you, the entrepreneur.


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