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Access Capital

Any company seeking a private market capital investment from our firm or Co-Investors must complete our full Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ program on the EPEC Platform™.

Completing the program will then open access for a company to our sources of investment capital where one can be considered for direct investment. In order for our firm or our Co-Investors to consider investment, any company must be properly engineered to mitigate investment risk. It must also produce a securities offering document with a marketable deal structure of hybrid securities that we and our Co-Investors would like to purchase for investment. 

All of this is solved for founders and entrepreneurs through a membership in our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ and completing our full program. 

To accelerate the process, our program educates founders and entrepreneurs and provides them with the exact tools they need to properly engineer their company to mitigate risk and produce hybrid securities to become the “quality deal flow” that we and our Co-Investors seek.


This program enables founders and entrepreneurs to raise substantial amounts of capital while maintaining the vast majority of their equity ownership and voting control.


For those seeking capital, please click the Apply button. 

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