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Access Capital

To access our sources of investment capital or to be considered for direct investment from us, a company must be properly engineered to mitigate investment risk. A company must also produce a securities-offering document with a marketable deal structure of hybrid-securities that we and our co-investors would be interested in purchasing for investment.

To accelerate this process, we educate and provide production tools to entrepreneurs so that their companies can be properly engineered to mitigate risk and produce hybrid securities to become the “quality deal flow” that we, and our Co-Investors, seek.


This process enables you to raise substantial amounts of capital while maintaining the vast majority of equity ownership and voting control.


We would like to know more about your company and how it might fit within our investment criteria. We have automated the process within our Capital Access Portal below to conduct our initial due diligence review of your company to further its qualification for funding.


For those seeking capital, please click the Apply button. 

For those who simply want to learn more, please click on the Learn More button.

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