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Commonwealth Capital is a Hybrid Venture Capital Management Company comprised of former Wall Street Investment Bankers, experts in compliance matters related to selling securities, and seasoned and successful entrepreneurs and technology experts. Commonwealth Capital is the manager of Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I.

We have been capitalizing start-up, early-stage, and later-stage companies—exclusively since 1998. However, unlike other venture capital funds or investment banks, we do not utilize outside investor capital, placing our fiduciary duty solely with the entrepreneur, not the investor.


As our primary focus, we apply proven corporate engineering practices designed to create value, enabling our portfolio companies to attract investment capital and management talent easily.


In addition, we do not seek control of these companies nor force early exits, as we earn convertible participating preferred equity with stated dividends and call protection for our participation in the process.

Simply stated, we bring Wall Street to Main Street.

Our Affiliates can send deal flow directly or leverage their efforts by signing Alliances that send deal flow and get paid from that deal flow. Affiliates earn generous cash commissions our Financial Architect System™ Courses and Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ subscriptions and paid services.


After a 90-day production cycle, an Affiliate can apply to become a Master Affiliate, for larger commission structure and further leveraging of marketing efforts through supervisory overrides of other Affiliates.

If you’d like to be considered to join our firm as an Affiliate Partner, please apply to get started.

Financial District
General Affiliate Distributor License
(no cost)
  • 30% Cash Commission for Direct Sales.

  • Leverage Efforts. Sign Alliances for 30% sales commissions from in-direct sales generated by Alliances.

  • Dashboard Access. From your Affiliate Dashboard you can keep track of referred sales and commissions earned.

  • Library Access. Access a library of electronic promotional tools to help you succeed.

  • Apply for a Master Affiliate License. After 90 days of production you may apply for a Master Affiliate Distributor License – subject to availability, as there are only a total of 35 available.

Master Affiliate Distributor License
(only a total of 35 available)
In addition to the benefits of the General Affiliate Distributor License, the Master Affiliate Distributor License includes:
  • 50% Cash Commission for Direct Sales.

  • 5% Supervisory Cash Commissions for downline in-direct sales.

  • Leverage Efforts. Sign Alliances for 50% sales commissions from in-direct sales generated by Alliances.

  • Lifetime Conservatory Membership enabling you to advertise other professional services you may provide to Members of our Corporate Engineering Conservatory, which include entrepreneurs, small business service providers, as well as investors.   

  • Preferred Conservatory Placement meaning the more referrals you generate the better advertising placement you earn.  

  • Buyback of Original Master Affiliate Distributor License Fee Guarantee meaning anytime after 12/31/25 you may sell your Master Distributor License directly back to us at your original purchase price.

  • Re-sellable Master Affiliate Distributor License Through an Open Auction meaning we open the offer to sell to all our Affiliates in an open auction, potentially resulting in a price higher than your original purchase price.

(See Terms & Conditions at the end of the Application page for more Information)
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