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Commonwealth Capital, LLC

Artwork of a golden wreath encircling 1998 as the year the company was founded

Founded in 1998, Commonwealth Capital is a hybrid venture capital management company comprised of former Wall Street investment bankers and securities regulators, as well as experts in deal-structuring, corporate governance, fraud prevention, securities regulatory compliance, start-ups, and information technology, servicing our clients, partners and investors through our EPEC Platform™.

Mission Statement

As a hybrid Venture Capital firm with unlimited scalability, we level the playing field by enabling any entrepreneur to legally compete for capital, without giving up too much equity, too early, for too little, at a mere fraction of the traditional costs involved related to
securities offerings within the U. S, while restoring and accelerating Wall Street’s original purpose of, “promoting the efficient allocation of monetary resources regarding the U.S. capital markets".

“We compete with no one as we incubate Quality Deal Flow for Everyone.”

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Venture Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:


If you can complete the processes contained within our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ there’s a very high probability that we and / or our Co-investors will invest in your company.

Capital Model

Our venture capital model is designed to prepare your company to become the “Quality Deal Flow” we and our co-investors invest in during its various stages.


Eventually, your company can effectively engage Wall Street for an IPO or Corporate America for a strategic sale, as your exit strategy, but only if and when you’re ready.


It’s really not that hard once you know how.

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