Commonwealth Capital, LLC

Artwork of a golden wreath encircling 1998 as the year the company was founded

Founded in 1998, Commonwealth Capital is a hybrid venture capital management company comprised of former Wall Street investment bankers and securities regulators, as well as experts in deal-structuring, corporate governance, fraud prevention, securities regulatory compliance, start-ups, and information technology, servicing our clients, partners and investors through our EPEC Platform™.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is as fundamental as our business model.


To establish the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ as the standard for restoring and accelerating Wall Street’s original purpose of “promoting the efficient allocation of monetary resources.”

Image of a close-up of inner workings of a swiss watch that says investment inside of it

Venture Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:


If you can complete the processes contained within our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ there’s a very high probability that we and / or our Co-investors will invest in your company.

Capital Model

Our venture capital model is designed to prepare your company to become the “Quality Deal Flow” we and our co-investors invest in during its various stages.


Eventually, your company can effectively engage Wall Street for an IPO or Corporate America for a strategic sale, as your exit strategy, but only if and when you’re ready.


It’s really not that hard once you know how.

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