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"Engineer your company to access unlimited amounts of capital."

"Do not sell too much of your equity ownership, too early, for too little, or lose voting control.”

"Wall Street processes for Main Street Companies." 

– Timothy D. Hogan

Wall Street Veteran, Author, Venture Capitalist

Co-creator of the Best-Selling Financial Architect System™ for Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals


The EPEC Platform

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Our Mission

As a hybrid Venture Capital management firm with unlimited scalability, we level the playing field by enabling any entrepreneur to legally compete for capital, without giving up too much equity, too early, for too little, at a mere fraction of the traditional costs involved related to securities offerings within the U. S, while restoring and accelerating Wall Street’s original purpose of, “promoting the efficient allocation of monetary resources regarding the U.S. capital markets."


“We compete with no one as we incubate Quality Deal Flow for everyone.”

Meet the Founders

"We've crafted this institutional-grade system within our Corporate Engineering
™ based on decades of proven experience."

Arguably one of the most powerful educational programs currently available for educating entrepreneurs on how to capitalize their business, the Financial Architect System™ course program is rooted in decades of Wall Street and capital markets experience.

Commonwealth Capital is now delivering formalized training for Start-Up, Early-Stage and Later-Stage entrepreneurs, as well as Professional service providers supporting millions in the small business community.


The Financial Architect System™ program courses are specifically designed to enable entrepreneurs to effectively compete in the U.S. Capital markets, by legally by-passing financial institutions to access investor capital directly.

Financial Architect System™

Mr. Timothy D. Hogan is Co-Founding Principal, CEO & Board Chairman of Commonwealth Capital, LLC (since 1998). Mr. Hogan started his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street in 1984 and was with Merrill Lynch, E. F. Hutton, and Shearson Lehman Brothers. Mr. Hogan served as Director of Compliance (the gatekeeper for investment banking deals) for North American Financial Group, Inc. and North American Capital Advisors, Inc., a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. He has held seven (7) NASD (now FINRA) securities licenses and registrations primarily of “Principal” status.

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Financial Architect System™

Current Role: Commissioner of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Mr. Russell C. Weigel, III is Co-Founding Principal of Commonwealth Capital, LLC. Between 1989 and 1990, Mr. Weigel served the state of Florida as a criminal prosecutor. Between 1990 and 2001, Mr. Weigel worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission as an enforcement attorney. He supervised and conducted numerous investigations and litigated many civil injunctive and administrative proceedings nationwide. Most of his cases involved allegations of fraud, sales of unregistered non-exempt securities or regulatory compliance violations. Mr. Weigel joined Commonwealth Capital Advisors, our old parent firm, as its Chief Legal Counsel in April of 2014. Mr. Weigel is currently on a sabbatical from our firm as he serves as Commissioner of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Meet the Program Leadership Team

Access unlimited capital on your
own terms. 

"At no other time in our history has the demand been higher from Investment Banks, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Family Offices seeking quality deal flow. Companies that meet the right balance of risk and return through proper corporate engineering are getting funded.

– Jason L. Bennick

Executive Vice President, Founding Principal

 Commonwealth Capital LLC

There are Only 2 ways to legally raise substantial amounts of capital in the US.

  1. Produce a Business Plan and submit it to Financial Institutions for Capital for a less than 1.5% probability of funding.

  2. Conduct a Securities Offering in compliance with U.S. Federal and State(s) Securities Laws, Rules and Regulations for a greater than 72% probability of funding.

Until now, most companies have found it cost-prohibitive to conduct a bona fide securities offering with a marketable deal structure. We’ve consolidated everything you need to save thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees, and millions of dollars worth of equity due to a bad deal structure. We’ve leveled the playing field for all entrepreneurs who seek to get this right the first time. If you want to raise substantial amounts of capital while maintaining the vast majority of equity ownership and voting control, do this course. If you want to sell your company to your employees, your children, a competitor, a strategic corporate buyer, or take it public through an IPO, do this course and raise your capital before your competitors do. Arguably, one of the most powerful educational programs currently available for educating entrepreneurs on how to capitalize their businesses properly, effectively, and legally. All of the Financial Architect System™ Courses are rooted in decades of Wall Street and U.S. Capital Markets experience. There are literally trillions of dollars returned to venture capital fund investors every year due to a lack of quality companies, also known as “quality deal flow” to invest in. The only way you’ll tap into that capital is to properly engineer your company. Otherwise, the probability of funding is essentially nonexistent.

Why doesn’t everyone do this? For most start-up and early-stage companies, it has been cost-prohibitive, until now.



Engineered from Experience.
Proven by Results.

A Powerful Turnkey Program for the Serious Entrepreneur

The total venture capital invested in start-up and early-stage companies was $51.9 billion in 2020. However, the Securities & Exchange Commission estimates that $2.67 trillion was raised through exempt offerings (private placements) compared to approximately registered offerings (IPOs) of $1.5 trillion accounted for new capital.


This means companies raised 51 times more capital with privately placed securities offerings than through traditional venture capital means.


Learn how the U.S. Capital Markets really work and what it means for you and how you can benefit.


Produce for your company a Marketable Deal Structure & Securities Offering Documents at a mere fraction of the traditional cost involved.


Then execute your Securities Offering in compliance with state and federal securities laws, rules & regulations, and secure the capital you need, on your own terms. 

How it Works

Pandemics, economic instability, and geopolitical unrest have shifted our global landscape, banking, and world money flows. 

Yet, three things have not changed:

• Entrepreneur's demand for capital.

• Small Business Service Provider's need for well capitalized companies as customers and clients, and

• Investor's demand for quality companies with the potential for explosive growth to invest in.


Welcome to the EPEC Platform™, the only turn-key do-it-yourself solution putting you in full control of the process.  


The EPEC Platform™ is the first of its kind addressing all of the issues plaguing the U.S. private capital markets.  

How does it work? Effectively, and here is why.  


Within a secure, compliant, and integrated ecosystem, entrepreneurs and small business service providers enter our program to collaborate on creating a “marketable deal structure” and the required securities offering documents. 


After which, entrepreneurs sell securities in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules, and regulations, to investors, both individual and institutional.


Education > leads to Production > leads to Execution > then, leads to Capitalization.


The outcome?


Your Company becomes the Quality Deal Flow investors invest in.

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Start Your Program with Step 1: Education

Knowledge is power, but without application and execution, it is only theoretical.

Course: Start-Up & Early Stage 

Course: Later-Stage

Course: Professionals

Once complete with your course and in the Conservatory, you’ll apply your knowledge to produce a “Marketable Deal Structure” and properly illustrate it within the required Securities Offering Documentation, all done for a fraction of the traditional costs involved. Then, use that documentation to execute a securities offering in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules, and regulations within our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ (or externally, your choice).


At this point, your company may either sell the securities “in-house” or engage an SEC-registered Broker-Dealer or Regulated Crowdfunding Portal to solicit and sell securities to many investors deflecting their risk and yours.


Why don’t Broker-Dealer or Regulated Crowdfunding Portals offer this service? They cannot, due to an inherent conflict of interest as their fiduciary duty always rests with the investor, not the issuer of securities.


“It's really not hard once you know how.”

...explore courses below

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Start-Up & Early-Stage

This powerful course is for Start-Up & Early-Stage companies seeking seed or development capital.


This course is designed for the serious entrepreneurs who already have a foundation in business with a basic understanding of business finance and the U.S. capital markets.

Course Objectives are four-fold:

  1. To develop a comprehensive understanding of  U.S. Financial Institutions, U. S. Private Capital Markets, as well as U.S. Securities Laws, Rules & Regulations.

  2. How to create a “Marketable Deal Structure” that ensures you don’t sell too much of your common voting equity, too early, for too little.

  3. How to produce a securities offering at a mere fraction of the traditional cost involved and,

  4. How to effectively solicit and sell securities in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations. 


Entrepreneurs who successfully complete this process may also qualify to be included in our venture capital fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I. There, you can showcase your securities offering to our Co-investors, as well as their personal and professional contacts.  

(Monthly Conservatory membership with Lifetime Access to Course)

Laterstage community_edited.png


This robust course is designed for Later-Stage companies seeking expansion capital. The course is designed as a true “power play” for experienced entrepreneurs of later-stage companies as they enter “shark-infested” waters.


Course Objectives are five-fold:

  1. In addition to the knowledge and skill sets included here from the Start-Up and Early-Stage course, entrepreneurs gain richer insight into selling their company’s securities directly to, or through, financial institutions.

  2.  How to buy assets, services, and entire companies using their company’s securities as currency. How to create a “Marketable Deal Structure” that ensures they continue to retain their common equity and voting control.

  3. How to build an internal finance department that functions as a “mini-financial institution” providing entrepreneurs practical power when seeking rapid growth through acquisitions.

  4. How to produce a securities offering at a mere fraction of the traditional cost involved and,

  5. How to effectively solicit and sell securities in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations. 


Entrepreneurs who successfully complete this process may also qualify to be included in our venture capital fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I. There, you can showcase your securities offering to our Co-investors, as well as their personal and professional contacts. 

(Monthly Conservatory membership with Lifetime Access to Course)


This advanced course program is designed as an entrance for Attorneys, Accountants, and Registered Investment Advisors seeking to join the legitimate world of corporate finance with a substantial increase in professional advantage over their competition.


Here, one learns how to position one’s professional practice for incubating “quality deal flow” of well-capitalized young companies.  


Professional service providers to the small business community, learn how to easily filter deal flow and “cherry-pick” those quality companies that have the highest probability of success.


These professionals learn how to “earn” cash and equity on a tax-deferred basis from the portfolio companies they sponsor, hence they build their own private investment portfolio of pre-IPO companies.




What Educators are saying...

“As an entrepreneur turned educator I only wish I had access to such an insightful [FAS Course] when I started my first business. "The [Commonwealth Capital] people have taken the mystery out of raising capital and how capital deals are structured. Through a step by step process the entrepreneur can now look at the many options available to raise capital and scale their business. The [FAS Course] is a must read for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow.” Leonard Gingerella, Clinical Professor, Entrepreneurial Studies Loyola University-Chicago

“They [Commonwealth Capital]] decided to bring some of the success strategies used by major corporations to smaller, entrepreneurial ventures! The company’s goal is to educate business owners; and to provide them with the legal documents and other tools necessary to develop effective deal structures…with the goal of attracting more investors. Bottom line, their mission matches Center for Urban Business’s mission of assisting small businesses to achieve the next level of significant growth.” Freida J. Curry, Executive Director Center for Urban Business – University of Illinois at Chicago

“The [FAS Course] [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] is one of the most complete and well written primers on the subject that I have read. We intend to make it required reading for our inventors and contract executives here at the Center.” David Falter, Executive Director Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Northwestern University DevLab – Center for Technology Commercialization

What Entrepreneurs are saying...

“Financial Architect™ [ Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] … is practical and easy to follow program to raise capital and manage the Financial health of the business.” Jack Kerish, CEO, EdLab Ltd.

“These folks are knowledgeable, professional, and keep up on all the difficult regulations of the securities markets. I highly recommend their services to anyone I can.” James Holton, Retired Chairman: Citizens National Bank of St. Louis, MO

“They structured the deal, produced the document, and showed us how to raise capital. It only took five and a half months to raise all of it once we knew how.” Larry M. Mancour, Retired CEO: Chestnut Valley Golf Course, Harbor Springs, MI

“The Note/Equity Kicker PPM you and your tools helped us create is fantastic. Thank you. We have raised about half of the $1 million, and need to get this out quickly to a broader audience of people who are attracted to Note/Equity packages (11% coupon on ours).” David Spigner, CEO, Boda Borg Corporation

What attorneys and CPAs are saying...

“Any start-up or early-stage company seeking to raise capital could save itself substantial time and expense by first utilizing the information provided in this eminently practical tool.” Dexter Johnson, Esq., Mallon & Johnson, P.C., Chicago, IL

“We are very impressed with this program ([FAS Course] [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]).” Norman Poplowitz: Devine, Blalock, Martin & Sellari CPAs, West Palm Beach, FL

“Things are coming along nicely. I prepared the PPM, but instead of approaching investors, I approached prospective ‘members’ basically franchising my company. The initial membership provided the funding I needed to expand, and now if I ever need more funding, I have a base of people, (my members) to go to if they want to earn a share of their investment, kind of like an employee stock option, but these people are not employees. So thanks again for your phenomenal Financial Architect™ [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] program.” Sharon Claar, CPA Managing Partner JTB Associates, LLC

“The authorship and construction of securities offering documents leaves nothing to be desired.” Lynn Stedman, Attorney at Law: Stedman, Fershee, & Fershee Attorneys at Law, Petoskey, MI

Course Curriculum

FAS Course Modules 1-10

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this course is right for me? We've crafted this course for the serious entrepreneur who needs to raise a substantial amount of capital, without selling too much of their company's common equity, too early for too little. If that describes you, then you've found the right course program that arms you with the knowledge and skills to solve that problem.

What is the cost of the course? Course pricing can be found on each Course Section. You can also visit each Course Section by selecting that course on our site's top navigation menu. As this is a university-level academic program, we have worked to bring your pricing down as affordable as possible.

How long will the Financial Architect System™ Course take? At an average learning pace, the Start-Up & Early-Stage Financial Architect™ will take about 40-50 hours, Later-Stage Financial Architect™ about 45-55 hours and Professional Financial Architect™ about 50-60 hours. Each course has been designed with staged learning examinations that build confidence, competence, and certainty of success.

Who should do the Financial Architect System™ Course? Anyone seeking to either raise substantial amounts of seed, development or expansion capital, as well as professional service providers seeking to assist in the process. There are 3 courses designed for 3 types of students. Start-Up and Early-Stage entrepreneurs should do the Start-Up & Early-Stage Financial Architect Course™. Entrepreneurs in a later-stage company would do the Later-Stage Financial Architect Course™. Industry professionals, such as lawyers, CPAs, and registered securities professionals, would do the Professional Financial Architect Course™.

Are the Financial Architect System Courses translated? At this time, all course content is only available in English.

Can I do the course from a mobile device or listen in my car? We recommend you attend the course through desktop or laptop access. The course however is a web-based program that can be accessed from any device. At this time the course is not a mobile application so may respond and format differently based on your device. If your mobile device is Bluetooth connected in your vehicles, it is possible to listen to the audio book for each chapter in your vehicle.

Do I have lifetime access to all materials? Paid students have unlimited access to all course materials for 1 year from the point of course completion. With a paid subscription to the Corporate Engineering Conservatory, users will retain unlimited access as long as their subscription is active.

How does the money-back guarantee work? If you complete the Financial Architect Course™; produce the required securities-offering document to the specifications, contained within the CEC (Corporate Engineering Conservatory™), for legal counsel review, and have attempted to raise capital for at least 90-days and are unsuccessful in raising any capital, we will refund 100% of the course or CEC subscription(s) you have paid for.

How do I get in touch during or after the course program? You may email any time regarding the Financial Architect System™ Course to and one of our team members should have a response to you by the following business day.

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