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Managing Director

James Wilbur, MBA, CMA

Mr. Wilber is a businessman’s financial executive.  He has broad-based experience providing financial analysis and decision-making tools to corporations, banks, credit unions, federal agencies, law firms, and institutions over a wide range of markets.

Mr. Wilber has been engaged directly for consulting projects which include the are not limited to reorganization, asset and business valuation, litigation support, engaged by attorneys, and by State and Federal regulatory agencies.  Regulatory engagements include training of state level regulatory staff.

Mr. Wilber has assisted with several consulting projects in Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan, and Florida.  Engagements included, but were not limited to financial analysis for five credit union portfolios located in Illinois, administration of credit compliance for an Illinois Bank under a regulatory Consent Order, credit management of a Georgia based bank; acquired via loss share by a Minnesota based national bank, a Florida based $250 million distressed business, and services for Federal and State regulatory agencies.

Mr. Wilber has managed directly operations, credit administration, loan documentation, loan portfolio management, business origination, fee origination, business development, loan review, and operational risk management.  Strengths include analysis, negotiation, credit, and written and oral communication skills.

Mr. Wilber is a highly experienced business and finance leader with 42 years of diverse business experience in the consulting, banking, and manufacturing sectors.

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