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There is never a cost or obligation to participate

As an Alliance of our firm, we are able to supply your Broker-Dealer with “quality deal flow,” i.e., well-engineered start-up and early-stage companies in need of a Broker-Dealer.


This is done through a Vertical Integration model, which simply means that any of your prospective client companies that currently do not qualify for, nor can afford, your firm’s services can seamlessly be sent to us to qualify for the necessary equity capital to engage your Broker-Dealer.

All of our portfolio companies have gone through a due diligence process that also filters for a pre-existing list of potential investors for your Broker-Dealer to solicit.


In addition, our portfolio companies have a mandate to provide cash for a marketing budget to assist your Broker-Dealer in attracting hundreds if not thousands of additional investors from the Reg. D 506(c) offering.


We incubate and accelerate these start-up and early-stage companies to be the “quality deal flow” sought by Wall Street for IPOs and Corporate America for acquisitions. Hence, these companies inherently become quality deal flow to Broker-Dealers like yours in the interim and beyond.

If your Broker-Dealer would be interested in incubating its own quality deal flow, please submit the application form to get started.

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