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Family Offices

There is never a cost or obligation to participate

As an Alliance of our firm, we can supply your Family Office with pre-qualified deal flow—companies that meet your specific investment criteria, thereby refining your selection process, saving you time and money.


More importantly, we may be able to relieve your Family Office of deals gone sideways. A simple re-capitalization of some of your current portfolio companies may reduce your Family Office’s exposure and free up some capital, while further assuring success of those companies and a return on any remaining investment.

This is accomplished through an automated, vertical integration model. This simply means that any of your prospective portfolio companies that currently do not qualify for an investment from your Family Office or existing portfolio companies that are in need of re-capitalization, can seamlessly be sent to us to qualify for the necessary equity capital for further incubation and acceleration.

Commonwealth Capital has been capitalizing Start-up and Early-Stage Companies as their venture capital partner, since 1998. As former Wall Street investment bankers, we create convertible preferred equity to aid small companies in raising $1-$10 million in equity capital—our sweet spot. These companies become portfolio companies in our Venture Capital Fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I. Once in our Fund, these companies are available for further investment or outright acquisition from your Family Office at any time.

We incubate and accelerate these start-up and early-stage companies to be the “quality deal flow” sought by Wall Street for IPOs or Corporate America for strategic acquisitions. Hence, these companies inherently become quality deal flow to Family Offices like yours in the interim and beyond.

If your Family Office would be interested in incubating its own quality deal flow, please submit the application form to get started.

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