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We're Transforming Venture Capital into Venture Tech

Commonwealth Capital is at the forefront of leveraging advanced and emerging digital technologies to establish a standardized framework for processes within the U.S. Private Capital Markets, with the ultimate goal of global implementation.

A Different Approach: Weaving Hybrid Securities + Technology Together

to democratize access to private market capital–at scale.

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Only 1.5% of companies seeking private market capital receive traditional venture capital funding annually, leaving a vast majority without access to these funds.


Our solution addresses this disparity by providing a means for the remaining 98.5% to tap into such capital.


Through our Venture Tech OS™, we address two key challenges: bridging the funding gap for start-up and early-stage companies, and empowering later-stage companies to access significant capital at the broker-dealer level.


These pathways offer any company, regardless of its stage, a structured route toward achieving a successful IPO or M&A.

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How we're using technology to standardize private capital markets 

Our mission is to provide a world-class experience of standardized processes for a multi-trillion-dollar investment industry that doesn't have one (but really needs it).

Public Capital Markets have a commercial standard in the NYSE and NASDAQ where all users know that its players, processes and transactions on those platforms are regulated and standardized. 

Private Capital Markets have no such standard. VCs, PEs and Family Offices do their thing, Broker-Dealers are regulated, yet millions of companies from Seed to IPO maneuver through creative gyrations and limitless presentations, expos, competitions, websites, gurus, consultants, "finders", phone calls, Zooms, emails and websites–just to get checks in private market capital. 

The result? 1.5% get funded, 98.5% do not.

We have no plans to necessarily change what VCs are doing, their criteria, or decision models. They already get that 1.5%.

Our strategy is to embrace the 98.5%. Those millions who are either denied private market capital, or worse, have no idea how to access it.

Circulating pitch decks, business plans, and endlessly chasing money is no longer the answer. This is the 21st century.


All the technology, knowledge, experience, regulations, models, and systems already exist today to solve capitalizing nearly anyone who needs it.

Funds to be accessed is in the trillions, not just billions

So, here's the trick to all of this.


From Idea to IPO, every single company must undergo nearly the exact same steps in order to access to substantial private market capital.

This path to accessing unlimited capital has never been codified, built, and deployed for the masses. 


This is exactly what we're doing, and is our Venture Tech Operating System™.


We've codified, standardized, simplified and tech-i'fied what every company must do to get access to private market capital funding.


All of it is now openly available in a cloud-based ecosystem of utility applications, meeting all securities industry and institutional financial and legal standards.


  • Any company can enter.

  • Any investor can participate.

  • Any legal or accounting firm can join.

  • Any industry provider can sign up.

Start-up and early-stage companies become a member, use the applications, tools and systems, and become a quality deal for investors.

Investors get to watch those companies emerge into becoming investable, and then write checks.

Industry service providers engage, service, and help those companies achieve their goals and get fully capitalized.

Most importantly, a standardization of private market capitalization results–companies get funded, investors build high portfolio value, regulations are followed, and everyone wins.

This is what our new industry standard Venture Tech OS™ is all about. Click below to learn more today. 


Architecting Venture Tech OS™ – a new Operating System for Private Capital Markets.

Architecting the industry's first operating system for one of the world's largest markets is not an impossible feat, but is certainly a challenging undertaking.


Accomplishing this requires utilizing a number of emerging technologies, including AI, ML, big data, cloud, cybersecurity, and blockchain.


To structure, model, automate, and improve private capital market operational efficiencies also means designing how to reduce costs and measurably improve the rate of quality deal flow from start-up, early-stage, and later-stage companies all the way to exit (IPO or M&A).

This requires leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to accelerate the rate of private capital market deal flow while mitigating the inherent risks of investing.


This gets accomplished through the use of automation and data intelligence to:

  • Solve capital investment due diligence of start-up, early-stage, and later-stage companies through a routine and mass scale process.

  • Formalize a universal and commercially accepted rating system on companies as to their financial and business state of readiness for capitalization.

  • Introduce a standardized means of remediation nearly any company can follow to improve their capitalization readiness and become quality deal flow. 

  • Make widely available to issuers, investors, and market players a secure and fully compliant platform ecosystem through which all can participate to engage one another.

  • Remove the barriers to entry for millions of companies to access private market capital by consolidating all the above into a single platform, and making the cost of access less than subscribing to cable.  

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