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Access Unlimited Capital on Your Own Terms

Our flagship Financial Architect System™ training is rooted in decades of Wall Street and private capital markets experience. We have crafted this course for the entrepreneur who needs to raise a substantial amount of private capital, without selling too much of their company's common equity, too early for too little.

Our goal: arm you with the knowledge you need for access to unlimited private capital on your own terms. 

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The EPEC Platform

Commonwealth Capital's premium showcase technology, the EPEC Platform™, incorporates Wall Street's best corporate engineering practices with emerging technologies to bridge any Main Street company with Wall Street private capital.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

– Arthur C. Clarke


Integrity & Values

Commonwealth Capital was founded on core values that have enabled our success, with every founder and company accepted into our program.


We maintain an integrity of sustaining these values today as much as we did at our founding in 1998.


Our #1 goal is your success. From the moment you enter our Financial Architect Courses™ to the day you sell your company, everything we do is centered around ensuring you successfully arrive at your financial goals.. 

Diversity & Inclusion

There are no favorites in this game. We embrace every company, founder, and industry professional that has what it takes to graduate from our Financial Architect System™ Courses. 


We share in your passion to achieve. Having built our business on a passion to win, we empathize with the challenges you face and designed our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ to  ease those challenges and speed the process.


We take pride in the team we have built across a wide variety of industries. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, our shared experience is a bond that has forged a power team to help everyone we serve. 


Wisdom outweighs any wealth.


– Socrates


Proven Practices, Measurable Results

We apply proven corporate engineering practices designed to create value, enabling your company to easily attract investment capital, as well as human capital, i.e., management talent.  We provide realistic options for company valuation and proper exit strategies to create maximum wealth for you, your management team, and your shareholders, including our private VC Fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™, and Co-Investors.


Partnership Opportunities


Since 1998, we have grown our strategic partnerships, selectively. Our partnerships include:

  • Alliances who seek to incubate their own flow of quality client companies organically.

  • Affiliates who connect alliances and Entrepreneurs to our resources for cash commissions.

  • Associates, also known as Managing Directors and Managing Enterprises, who connect Alliances and Entrepreneurs to our resources for cash, as well as equity commissions..

Our partners span across many related industries, such as; law firms, accounting firms, accelerators, incubators, commercial banks, accredited investors, family offices, VCs, private equity firms, insurance agencies, regulated crowdfunding portals, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and more.


Explore our exclusive partnership opportunities and join Commonwealth Capital in our mission to grow the world of successful entrepreneurship.



From time-to-time,  we receive un-solicited testimonials about successes and an appreciation for our process.


Please find below, a sample of what others are saying about the Financial Architect System™ (Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™).

“The Notes with Equity Kicker structure was great. Our investors loved it and proved it by investing faster than ever before. We raised over $1,700,000 in less than 12 weeks.”

Mark J. McKinley, CEO: DirectCast Network, Inc., Midland, MI

“Great news I put out that conversion bridge note and sold it out in all of three days. Now some individuals already want the next round and it isn’t even done yet, so I would say so far so good, good product from you, good product for us to sell, as well.”

Brian Knight, CEO
Strategic Lending Solutions

“I just want to give you all the credit you deserve for putting together such a detailed program. It reveals all the information one would need to go to market with a solid securities document to raise money.”

Rod Willis, CEO

US Market Development

Contact Us

Commonwealth Capital, LLC

515 North Flagler Drive Suite P-300

West Palm Beach, FL, 33401

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