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M&A Advisor Partner

There is never a cost or obligation to participate

We have been capitalizing Start-Up and Early-Stage companies as their venture capital partner, since 1998.


As former Wall Street investment bankers, we create convertible preferred equity to assist small companies in raising $1 – $25 million in equity capital and later-stage companies seeking >$25 million.


These companies become portfolio companies in our Pre-IPO Venture Capital Fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I. Once in our Venture Capital Fund, these companies are available for further investment by your portfolio partners.

The preferred equity offered by our portfolio companies normally has:

  • A first lien security on assets for our co-investors’ protection;

  • A stated dividend in the 6-9% range;

  • An additional participative dividend, which is a participation in net profits to substantially enhance the current yield;

  • A conversion feature into common-voting-equity feature for additional upside participation; and

  • A “Call Protection” feature that normally lasts 4 to 5 years.

We’ve invested heavily and developing our Venture Tech Operation System™, enabling start-up and early-stage companies to self-incubate their capital structure to become the “Quality Deal Flow” sought by Wall Street for IPOs and Corporate America for acquisitions. Hence, these companies inherently become the quality deal flow for accredited investors like you, in the interim and beyond.

All M&A Advisor partners receive a 30-day first right of refusal for investments in quality pre-IPO companies.

To review our quality deal flow, please fill out the application form on this page.

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