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Letter from the CEO

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Welcome to your Executive Membership in the
Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.

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Timothy Daniel Hogan

Chairman, CEO, Founder

Commonwealth Capital LLC

the Conservatory Life Cycle

A complete journey through the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ consists of three business maturity cycles with the ultimate result of an IPO or private sale of the company.

Cycle 1 consists of the Financial Architect System™ through Capitalization. This will be the primary focus of every company during the beginning tenure in the Conservatory.

Cycle 2 consists of the Policy Engineer™. We are regularly asked by founders what happens with my business once I have raised capital? How do I now go about proper governance? Controls? Reporting? These questions (and more) are answered throughout Cycle 2 in the Conservatory.

Cycle 3 consists of the Divest Engineer™. The tools and services provided in this cycle help engineer any company to a successful IPO or M&A.

An Executive Membership affords exclusive access to all tools, services, and resources across all 3 cycles, so founders and entrepreneurs in the Conservatory are never alone during the entire journey to IPO or M&A.

The below chart helps provide a visualization of the full Life Cycle Journey through the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.

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Financial Architect System Course

The Financial Architect System™ course will soon become the strongest foundation in dominating the capital-raising process.

This is the first step in qualifying for inclusion into our venture capital fund, Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I to showcase securities offerings to us, and our co-investors.

At an average learning pace, the Financial Architect System™ Course should take approximately 40-50 hours.


While greatly simplified for entrepreneurs, the course is a university-level educational program and has been designed with staged learning examinations that build confidence, competence, and much greater likelihood of success.

Everything needed is included in the course, including an audiobook version of every chapter, video lectures, and a significant amount of educational content.

IFor help please email for support. 

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Start-Up & Early-Stage
Financial Architect System

Full Course Orientation
17 Book Chapters
Audiobooks for each chapter
20 Videos
Gradient Learning Quizzes
Exclusive Content
Student Email Support
Open Community
Accredible™ Verified Certification


Note: This button is for routine course access after registration. If you have not registered, please use the unique link button for your membership provided in your original Welcome Email to securely register.

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Educational Tools (included)

During the Financial Architect System™ education, one develops a full understanding of the various roles U.S. Financial Institutions play, and how to legally bypass them for full access to substantial capital the U. S. Private Capital Markets. One learns how to create hybrid securities to ensure one never sells too much company’s common voting equity, too early, for too little, and how to effectively hire a CFO from the securities industry to manage all capital raising processes, now and into the future.

Technology Tools (discounted)

Nearly every business seeking capital operates a technology stack for operations, marketing, or sales with attention to data, security, performance, or scalability. Executive Members have access to our exclusive Blueprint Review Services™ by our industry partnership team experts, where one will undergo a full technology evaluation and access further engineering services across all disciplines to help build, transform, or scale. 

Presentation Tools (discounted)

Executive Members in the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ have exclusive access to the nationally renowned founder-based Competitive Storytelling™program, by Robbie Crabtree, a successful trial attorney-turned-storyteller mentor. Without stories, founders can't raise capital, hire the best talent or win over customers. With Competitive Storytelling, founders become world-class storytellers who can sell their vision for the future to anybody, unlocking funding doors critically needed.

Other Tools

Additional tools & applications are unlocked and available once through the Financial Architect System™ course to financially model your business and build compliant securities offerings to raise substantial amounts of capital. This includes all tools to complete Cycle 1 of the Conservatory Life Cycle and applications to help in Cycle 2 (governance and compliance) and ultimately Cycle 3 of preparing for a future IPO or private sale. 

Executive Member benefits never stop being added for members in the Conservatory.

From the day of arrival, to the day a company is privately or publicly transacted, we will continue to provide new and complimentary benefits as well as expanded services and tools with exclusive Executive Member discounts. 

Think of an Executive Membership in the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ as creating a surrogate Finance Department.


By properly engineering and capitalizing a company to be the Quality Deal Flow we, and our co-investors seek, with continued corporate governance and securities compliance, that company ultimately becomes eligible for a Wall Street IPO.


Whether the direction of an IPO is taken or not, be assured that a properly engineered company will command the highest possible price upon any form of exit. 




Program and Technical Support can be emailed any time and will be replied to during normal business hours. Email and a team member will respond.



To find out more about Commonwealth Capital, LLC, you visit our Corporate Site and discover more about the Company, the EPEC Platform™, our Partnership Programs, and more. .  



For more information about our investment strategy please visit the Investment Policy page on our corporate site. You can also email Support for further questions or help.



Discover more at University Incubators about how our EPEC Platform™ is being coordinates with University Incubators to help business school students on their entrepreneurial road to success.

Raising Capital:
Legally and Effectively

View or download the latest Capital Guide for serious entrepreneurs authored by a former Wall Street Investment Banker and a former SEC Enforcement Attorney.

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